Look What Obama Is Planning To Do IMMEDIATELY Before Trump’s Inauguration…


Barack Hussein Obama only has nine days left until he will have to hand over power to Donald Trump. Now, the way he plans to spend his final moments as president have been revealed, and they may surprise you.

Western Journalism reported that Obama is planning to spend his last moments in the White House hosting Trump and his wife Melania for coffee before they all go to the inauguration. This announcement was made by Tom Barrack, chairman of the inaugural committee for President-elect Donald Trump, who said that the president and First Lady intend to abide by what has become a pre-inauguration tradition.

“They’ll go to the White House, invited for coffee or tea, they’ll spend … half an hour there or so, and then they’ll go together,” Barrack said. “That’s a great moment, that’s a great moment.”

Barrack added that the invitation was “very gracious.”

After their rendezvous, the Obamas and Trumps will ride to the inauguration together. There, Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, and Obama will then have to move out of the White House completely by the afternoon.

Back in 2009, George W. and Laura Bush hosted the Obamas at the White House before his inauguration. Though many A-list celebrities performed at Obama’s inauguration, Trump has had trouble securing any to perform at his. Barrack, however, said this was part of the plan all along…

“What we’ve done instead of trying to surround him with what people consider A-listers is we are going to surround him with the soft sensuality of the place,” he said. “It’s a much more poetic cadence than having a circus-like celebration that’s a coronation.”

“That’s the way this president-elect wanted it,” he added.

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