The continent of Europe has been completely overrun with Muslim migrants over the past few months. Now, there are so many of them that they are wreaking havoc over many of their adopted nations.

Pamela Gellar reported that almost 1,000 cars were set on fire across France on New Year’s Eve in what has become a sickening annual “tradition” among Muslim refugees over the years. French officials confirmed that 945 cars were burned, a 17% increase from the year before.

The French interior ministry tried to bury this story by claiming that New Year’s Eve “went off without any major incident,” adding that there were “few troubles with public order.”

“Once again this year, the overall  number of vehicles burned demonstrates that, however intolerable, the phenomenon is contained,” they said in a statement, according to The Telegraph.

The far-Right Front National, however, spoke out to slam what it called the government’s “extremely hazy security record”.

“The new interior minister Bruno Le Roux…(initially) didn’t communicate the number of vehicles burned and considers that the number of cars directly set on fire to be ‘contained’ while even this constitutes a significant rise of 8 per cent,” the FN said in a statement.

Pierre-Henry Brandet, an interior ministry spokesman, responded by acknowledging that this figure is indeed still too high.

“These incidents are not tolerable and the perpetrators must be found and answer for their acts before justice,” he said.

This came after France went into a state of emergency following several terror attacks in 2016. Over 90,000 security forces were policing the streets on New Years Eve to guard the many gatherings, including Paris’ famed Champs-Elysées, where half a million revellers convened.

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