Celebrities Attack President-Elect Donald Trump over Violence in Aleppo

Celebrities rushed to social media this week to condemn the carnage Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has inflicted on his own people in Aleppo — and some in Hollywood also attacked President-elect Donald Trump over the tragedy.

Leading the charge to tie Trump to Assad’s atrocities in Syria, Spotlight actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted a Huffington Post article: “As He Slaughters Civilians In Aleppo, Bashar Assad Prepares To Make Nice With Donald Trump.”

As He Slaughters Civilians In Aleppo, Bashar Assad Prepares To Make Nice With Donald Trump | The Huffington Post http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_58507157e4b092f086860201 

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As He Slaughters Civilians In Aleppo, Assad Prepares To Make Nice With Trump

Trump has praised the regime’s allies and endorsed Assad tactics that violate international law, such as torture.


Actress Laura Benanti bashed Trump for tweeting “while we watch a genocide unfold before our eyes.”

This is what he’s tweeting about while we watch a genocide unfold before our eyes. Don’t let him distract you. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/809383989018497024 

Earlier this week, actor and comedian Michael Ian Black said it was Trump’s “buddies” who were behind the violence in Syria.

Meanwhile, Trump’s buddies are slaughtering civilians in Aleppo as I type. The man we elected supports this. But coal miners, you guys. https://twitter.com/joeyayoub/status/808380224169721856 

Modern Family writer/producer Danny Zuker also bashed Trump.

Based on this Pig Boy’s tweets a bad review of The Trump Grill, is a greater evil than his boyfriend Putin slaughtering children in Aleppo.

Pop singer James McVey ignored Obama’s role in the Syrian calamity and instead ripped Trump.

This is a tragedy for humanity. Instead we report Kanye West meeting Trump. Why is it only after brexit and election that we start talking?

That the ongoing violence in Syria has occurred on President Obama’s watch didn’t deter these Hollywood celebrities in the least.

Breitbart News national security editor Francis Martel noted in an article on Wednesday:

Assad’s human rights atrocities are half a decade old. The situation in Aleppo is in part the product of President Barack Obama’s failure to lead in preventing Assad from making human rights violations a habit.

Meanwhile, other celebrities including Madonna, Jessica Chastain, Ellen DeGeneres and Wesley Snipes tweeted their condolences for those lost in Aleppo and encouraged others to donate to relief efforts.

Pray for an End to the Genocide in Syria!🙏🏻 100’s of thousand’s of Innocent Children have been dragged into…https://www.instagram.com/p/BOBzb8JBhSd/ 

We are all connected. Your suffering is mine. Help to care for those in Aleppo & at the same time grow love in you❤

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Save Lives in Syria

Help us provide immediate aid for people in and around Allepo. Give today.


We must not ignore this crisis of humanity. My heart breaks for the people for Aleppo… 💔

We CAN make a difference for . These atrocities make me feel so helpless, but here are a… https://www.instagram.com/p/BOBc0ZSA1e8/