Many women fear breastfeeding because the baby could bite down on them while nursing. The fear can be so great that some of them even decide to stop nursing, to avoid being bitten by their sweet baby.

It is very normal for babies to bite, because they`ll gnaw on anything they can get their tiny hands on to relieve the pain of teething. Biting can also be a sing of affection.

They do the same with the nipples while nursing, so the mothers usually take them off the breast and put them in the bed, in order to teach them that biting means an end to the feeding.

In Jiangsu, an eastern Chinese province, a mother decided to take another type of measure to punish her baby for biting. She left the 8-month old baby boy in a pool of his own blood.

The little one, Xiao Bao has survived, luckily, even though his mother stabbed him more than 90 times with a pair of scissors for biting down on her nipple while breastfeeding. Most of the wounds were on the baby`s face.

Xiao Bao was found by his uncle, in the yard behind their home. He immediately took the baby to the hospital. The baby got more than 100 stitches and his recovering now.

The neighbors pleaded the local authorities to take custody of the child, but it was decided that Xiao will remain with his mother and his 2 uncles.



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